Where Innovation and Quality of Service Take the Lead

PAML, LLC, a healthcare solutions company with a focus in diagnostics, is headquartered in Spokane, WA. In addition to being one of the top reference laboratories in the country, PAML is also an industry leader in joint venture partnerships with community-based hospitals because of our expertise in developing cutting-edge laboratory management systems, including state-of-the-art automation and support services. 

To guide our growth, PAML has assembled a world-class leadership team to spearhead our laboratory services organization. Our team members are industry experts, and together, they are committed to building a solutions-driven company focused on quality and superior customer service. 


At PAML, we consider ourselves innovators. We believe in finding solutions to problems so that the lives of our clients, providers, hospitals, and staff are easier and more productive. When IT applications don’t meet our needs, we write new code to tailor the software to our specific purposes. When customer service is not exceeding our clients’ expectations, we will develop customer relationship management system changes to give our clients exactly what they want. When conventional billing systems are not efficient enough, we create more advanced systems to fix the problem. Many of our solutions have proven to be unique to the lab industry. 

We’re not afraid of growth and it’s in our nature to continue innovating and changing the landscape of how laboratory testing is progressing.


Growth is key to our success. Through innovative business structures, strategies, and initiatives that address as well as anticipate the unique challenges of the evolving market. PAML has succeeded in developing a nationally recognized laboratory that provides the latest diagnostic solutions.

PAML has also developed a Laboratory Outreach program focused on partnering with community-based hospitals. By developing a set of products and services to eliminate the barriers, PAML has enabled partner hospitals to significantly grow their laboratory outreach business.

Our success with these ventures stems from PAML’s background as a hospital-based laboratory system. We have a unique perspective on the challenges and requirements of local, hospital-based testing. Because of this background, we can help local hospital partners achieve the high level of client response and services that their local laboratories and prospective clients require.

With a long history creating outreach models throughout the Northwest, PAML has a proven record of accomplishment in successful outreach partnerships—all of which continue to be profitable.


PAML believes in constant improvement and in continually raising standards in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. That is why we have instituted Six Sigma – a rigorous quality improvement program, which continually challenges us to reach near-perfect quality. We believe in results—and that these results must be measurable and consistent—so that we provide the very best outcomes. We demand not only that each of our services achieve excellence on their own, but that they work well together through standardization, coordination, and communication to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients.

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