Welcome to the PAML Citrix16 Environment!


PAML has provided the following resources to assist you in transitioning from Citrix 6.5.

The new Citrix16 environment is compatible with Windows 7 or later
and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

Citrix16 access requires an update to your existing URL's. Below are the necessary steps to update all your access points. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk during their normal hours of operation.


For accessing Citrix16 internally (PAMLNET) the URL is: citrix16.paml.com
For accessing Citrix16 externally (PAML.COM) the URL is: citrix16x.paml.com
For accessing Citrix16 from PACLAB (PACLAB.COM) the URL is: citrix16px.paml.com


Any old Citrix desktop shortcuts will need to be updated with those URLs. Please update desktop shortcuts, internet favorites, or links as needed.


To update to the newest version of Citrix Receiver, users will need to contact their organization’s Help Desk for assistance.
For Citrix Receiver information and frequently asked question, visit the Citrix Receiver Site.