While the cost of background checks have been prohibitive in the past, ClearHire can provide your company with a set of online screening tools that make it possible for you to do your own affordable background checks on job applicants.

Quickly and securely you can access our ClearHire web portal and conduct a confidential search gaining the information about an applicant's eligibility and qualifications to meet necessary criteria for your business needs.

Why do background screening?
  • 40% of all application forms contain outright lies about experience, education and abilities.
  • 30% of applicants exaggerate their accomplishments.
  • 11% of applicants misrepresent why they left former employer.
  • 30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.
  • 10% of job applicants have a criminal record.

A poor hiring decision can wreak havoc on a company's productivity, put your company at risk financially or even damage your reputation. Background checks could prevent a poor hiring decision and proactively protect your company.

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