Instant Tests Point of Care Testing (POCT)

When you need a result now. PAML offers a selection of top “screening” options for drugs of abuse (DOA).
These instant tests can be performed by you or your collection site.

PAML's Point Of Collection Testing Devices (POCT) offer you a no-hassle drug test device that can be used at a remote location or a collection site.
The test is simple and clean; results are clearly delivered in minutes.
Best of all, the device is supported by PAML, the largest independent laboratory in the Northwest.

Frequently Asked Questions

PAML POCT Drug Screening Kit

POCT Cup Image

What is the Split Key Cup from PAML?

The Split Key Cup is a Point Of Collection Testing device (POCT) that is being sold by PAML. It is an on-site collection and testing kit that allows drugs to be analyzed outside of the laboratory setting. It is designed for workplace testing using industry standard cutoffs.

Why use the Split Key Cup Drug Test Kit instead of the standard laboratory test?

The Split Key Cup Test Kit can give the employer an initial negative screening result within minutes, instead of days. Situations where this may be useful are union or temporary labor positions, where the hiring decisions are made the same day. It can also be useful for post-accident or reasonable suspicion situations, where the employer wants to know as soon as possible if drugs were a contributing factor.

What about instant drug test results that are NOT negative?

The Split Key Cup will indicate that further testing is needed. If the collector gets a pending positive result, it needs to go to our laboratory for confirmation testing. The employer should delay any employee action (i.e. hiring or firing) until the laboratory test and/or the MRO confirms this result with the employee. Your company policy should include what temporary actions the employer may take while waiting for the final result of a drug test.

Why is confirmation testing required, can’t I just rely on the Split Key Cup test result?

The Split Key Cup is only a screening device, an indicator that drug use may be present. The GC/MS confirmation test at our SAMHSA certified laboratory confirms for the specific drug(s) in question. It also provides employers with written proof from a certified lab of a positive drug test result and stores the positive specimen for one year in case the donor requests a retest.

Can anyone collect a drug test using the Split Key Cup Drug Test Kit?

While it’s meant to be simple to use, only trained collectors can assure the collection is performed correctly. Many employers choose to have their local clinic or mobile collector provide this service. Other employers have their own trained collectors. Either way, it is important that the person collecting the specimen does not have a relationship with the person giving the specimen.

What about dilute or tampered (adulterated) drug test specimens?

Standard laboratory screening by a SAMHSA certified lab (the first step in a urine drug test) is still the gold standard for drug testing, as it can confirm that the sample provided is not dilute or been tampered with by an adulteration product. The Split Key Test Cup alone cannot determine if a specimen is dilute or adulterated however, they can provide preliminary results regarding these issues.

How does the Split Key Cup work?

The donor provides a urine specimen (up to the indicator line in the collection cup). The collector checks the temperature and seals the specimen cup in the presence of the donor. Testing can be performed at any time after collection. Many collectors will wait until the donor leaves before starting the process. When a collector is ready they insert the key allowing urine to proceed to the testing strips. The urine drug test kit uses a protein assay that causes a chemical reaction to occur if the drug(s) in question are present. If no drugs are present, both the control line and a negative line will show up on the test device within the first 3-8 minutes. If either the control line or the negative line fails to appear, this indicates the test needs further laboratory confirmation testing. A chain of custody form is provided to send with the test to the laboratory. This assures both the employee and the employer that the sample provided is the same sample being tested at the laboratory.

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What drugs does the Split Key Cup kit test?

PAML currently offers two different configurations in the Split Key Cup. The 6 panel kits tests for the standard drugs of abuse: cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, methamphetamine, opiates and PCP. The ten panel kit includes the above drugs and adds barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, and oxycodone. These are prescription drugs that are commonly abused. These kits do not test for alcohol content.

How do I get my results?

Results are read from the cartridge that is contained in the collection container after the donor has submitted their sample. Results are recorded on the chain of custody, which also acts as a report for negatives. All positives are sent to PAML for confirmation and a report is generated by the lab.

How do I interpret the results?

Results from the Split Key Cup are determined by the pinkish-red lines that form when the urine migrates up the testing card in the collection container. By using the key provided a plunger removes an appropriate amount of urine from the collection container and moves it to the testing chamber. If a line is formed with a corresponding drug then the result is negative. If no line is formed at one of the drugs, then the specimen needs to be sent in for additional testing for that drug. If the line at the top of the kit is not present after 5 minutes, the results are invalid and you should call the lab to help determine the problem. Detailed instructions are included with each Split Key Cup along with being available on our website.

How dark does the line need to be on the test cup device to be negative?

The control line and the test line may be very light, however when both lines are present, no matter how light they appear to be, both lines present confirm a negative test result. If either line is missing, a confirmation test should be performed. If you cannot interpret the test result, then forward it to the lab for full confirmation testing.
Do not interpret test results after the first 8 minutes when the urine migrates up the test card. The only valid result is the result that appears within the first 8 minutes. Do not leave the test device or employee unattended while waiting for the result. If you miss the opportunity to record the initial screening result within the first 8 minutes, do not retest the employee. Simply forward the test as “inconclusive” to the lab for confirmation.

Does the lab send a report?

The lab will only send a report on Split Key Cup specimens that are sent to the lab for follow-up or confirmation testing.

What happens if the results are positive?

When a Split Key Cup produces a positive result, the sealed specimen along with a copy of the chain of custody is sent to the lab for confirmation by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

Why should I send a positive Split Key Cup to the lab for confirmation? Isn’t the kit result good enough?

The Split Key Cup device is strictly a screening kit. There are some drugs that can interfere or cross react causing a false positive result with a few of the drugs being tested. Any positive result whether obtained from an onsite POCT device or done in the laboratory MUST be confirmed by GC/MS before a result can be considered a true positive.

How do I send a positive specimen to the lab for confirmation?

The chain of custody has two specimen seals of which one is placed on the specimen during the collection process. If a result is positive, then send the top copy of the COC with the specimen to PAML. The specimen should be placed in the sealable plastic bag provided and returned via courier, mail, or dropped off at one of our Patient Service Centers (PSC's).

How long will it take to confirm a positive result?

Even though the initial screening test is 99% effective, no drug test should be considered positive until the confirmation test is done. Confirmation by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry may take 24-48 hours from the time the specimen is received. Additional time may be required if you use a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to talk to the employee about their positive drug test result before a drug test is verified as positive.

How long should I keep the COC/report?

The COC is your results for a negative drug test. The length of time it is kept should be determined by company policy. If you choose not to keep the COC for a report, the result should be documented elsewhere to assure the test was performed. PAML will not have copies of negative POCT results. PAML Toxicology keeps all testing documents for a minimum of two (2) years.

May this test kit be used for DOT testing since it meets SAMHSA cut-off levels?

No, DOT regulations do not yet approve the use of instant drug test kits for employers regulated by the following: US Coastguard, Federal Transit Authority, Federal Railroad Authority, Federal Motor Carriers, Federal Aviation Administration and Gas and Oil Pipeline Employees.

Does the Split Key Cup have any special handling requirements?

The Split Key Cup has a shelf life of 18 months from the time of manufacturing with an expiration date clearly marked on the packaging. It is recommended to keep this test device at room temperature (36-86° F) or refrigerated (no lower than 30° F) and sealed until ready to be used. PAML tries not to send kits with less than 12 months left before expiration. Specimens can be sent to PAML at room temperature for follow-up testing.

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How do I order the Split Key Cup?

To order the Split Key Cup call PAML Supply at 1 (800) 541-7891 ext 8997 or Toxicology at 1 (800) 541-7891 X7 Monday thru Friday 7am to 5:30pm or contact your Toxicology marketing representative.

Can I order just one Split Key Cup?

Yes, the Split Key Cup can be purchased in any quantities. Shelf life for these kits is 18 months from the date of manufacture. PAML will not replace outdated devices so it is important that you order only that which you believe you will use before the expiration date.