PAML, LLC, has appointed John J. Rushton, PhD, MBA to be the company’s new Science, Technology and Innovation Director, effective March 17, 2014. In his new role, Dr. Rushton will provide scientific advice, technical guidance, and leadership support to PAML and PAML Ventures. This includes evaluating new testing, technologies and instrumentation as PAML expands its footprint and testing options.

Dr. Rushton will work under the direction of Carmen Wiley, PhD, the Scientific Director of PAML’s National Reference laboratory. According to Dr. Wiley, “PAML’s rapid growth and national expansion will require focus on new technologies and testing for PAML to remain competitive.  Dr. Rushton is moving into this position to help ensure that PAML is targeting appropriate technologies as we develop our test offering to best service our clients with options for improved patient outcomes.”

Dr. Rushton earned a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences, with a focus on genetics, from the University of Pittsburgh (PITT) School of Medicine in 1992. He also received an MBA from the University of New Mexico (UNM) Anderson School of Management in 2005. He held postdoctoral fellowships at the PITT School of Medicine and UNM School of Medicine, focusing on molecular biology approaches to the study of cancer and infectious diseases at both.  Following his fellowships, Dr. Rushton joined the faculty at UNM School of Medicine with a focus on biomarkers of cancer and infectious disease susceptibility.  He was promoted to Director of the UNM School of Medicine Center of Infectious Disease and Immunology Sequencing, Microarray and Biological Safety Level 3 core laboratories, and was involved in strategic technology investments while at UNM.

Prior to joining PAML, Dr. Rushton was recruited by Signature Genomics Laboratory (SGL) in Spokane, Washington to assist in test expansion and business development. SGL is a state-of-the-art array-based comparative genomic hybridization (array CGH) diagnostic laboratory. In 2013, he became a consultant for PAML, focusing on the development of strategic testing options for optimum market positioning.   Dr. Rushton also sits as an expert reviewer for the Life Sciences Discovery Fund of Washington State that supports the commercialization of translational research to improve Washington resident healthcare through scientific business development.

"We are very pleased to have Dr. Rushton come on board full-time at PAML,” said Francisco R. Velázquez, M.D., S.M., President and CEO of PAML, LLC and PAML Ventures. “He is a great asset to us, especially in the areas of assay and biomarker development, assessment of biotechnology investment and technology transfer. His scientific expertise and leadership skills are invaluable as we continue our evolution into a healthcare solutions company with a national presence.”

 “I am very encouraged by the vision of the senior leadership team here at PAML,” indicated Dr. Rushton when asked about moving from a consulting role to a permanent position at PAML. “Their business model of keeping as much medical testing local as possible is refreshing in a market that is being consolidated.  I’m excited to be an integral part of PAML’s expansion, and especially their growth in esoteric testing. “