PAML, a leading healthcare solutions provider and one of the nation’s top reference laboratories, today unveiled their website for Cinch™,  the company’s new consumer-based product line that empowers individuals to reveal their health through easy access to laboratory testing and information.

With more consumers looking for ways to proactively manage their health, many have turned to the internet for help in accessing medical resources to help them make smart decisions. Cinch offers these consumers a simple solution by providing laboratory test ordering and results online.

“PAML is taking the lead in next- generation healthcare solutions by merging health science with advanced technology and data,” said Shawn Whitcomb, PAML’s Chief Information Officer. “Our Cinch product line is a step above what is currently being offered in the market for direct-to-consumer laboratory testing.  We are delivering the same superiority in laboratory testing that patients receive from their physician, but with much more convenience and flexibility, and often at a lower cost than a traditional physician visit.”

The Cinch website was developed with responsive design, making it easy to access and use the web-based suite of products anytime, anywhere and from any device. It provides an expansive test menu to choose from, as well as easy collection methods, including at-home testing options. Cinch’s online test results and trending tools deliver easy-to-understand reporting, personalized dashboards and a feature to connect to a healthcare provider.

To learn more about Cinch and the testing provided, visit