PAML, LLC, a healthcare solutions company with a focus on diagnostics, today in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic Laboratories announced they have signed agreements in support of their June 2013 announced strategic collaboration,  with test menu modifications that will result in more efficient delivery of care.  The two laboratories have complementary skills and both share a strong commitment to quality, service, and outstanding patient care. Together, they will work on improving the quality and efficiency of laboratory services as it relates to better therapeutic decision making.

Today’s announcement follows months of discussion focused on leveraging their combined resources to proactively address the evolving needs of healthcare delivery in the United States.  “We are pleased to have finalized these agreements with Cleveland Clinic,” said Francisco R. Velazquez, M.D., S.M., President and CEO of PAML, LLC and PAML Ventures. “We are perfect healthcare partners because of our shared values, history of innovation and strong leadership in quality and service. It’s all about forging alliances in the age of healthcare reform. We are excited to harness the energy of our two laboratories to streamline the delivery of healthcare services and capitalize on the increasing needs of the integrated care market.”

PAML, headquartered in Spokane, WA, is an industry leader in reference lab testing, information technology, operational excellence and community-based partnerships.  Cleveland Clinic Laboratories, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a nationally recognized laboratory providing clients across the country with accurate, reliable, state-of-the-art testing.