PAML, a leading healthcare solutions provider and one of the nation’s top reference laboratories, just released a new version of their consumer web-based product Cinch at

CinchView™, the latest innovation of Cinch, simplifies the method by which consumers view results online. “We are very excited about the introduction of CinchView,” states Shawn Whitcomb, PAML’s Chief Information Officer. “PAML is leading the industry in reshaping how individuals interact with technology and science to reveal their health. We have a strong team of technologists and scientists driving these innovations.”  CinchView uses a combination of interactive technology combined with color-coded tiles to reveal an individual’s level of health based on laboratory test results.

Cinch is also introducing a new gift card program. Consumers may purchase a “Giving the Gift of Wellness” card for friends or family by choosing between a physical gift card, e-gift card, and mobile gift card. The monetary denomination for the cards can run from $10 to as high as $500 and can be reloaded.

In addition, Cinch now has a blog for consumers, providing educational information and resources. Updated on a regular basis, the blog will share information about various topics that can help consumers manage, monitor, or improve their health through PAML’s innovative products.

The Cinch website provides an expansive test menu to choose from, as well as easy collection methods, including at-home testing options. To learn more about Cinch and the testing provided, visit