AION Laboratories, a provider of laboratory testing for age management, integrative, and personalized medicine, announced it will showcase its latest products and services at the 21st Annual World Conference on Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Aesthetic Medicine, scheduled for December 11-13, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This conference, also referred to as A4M, focuses on anti-aging medicine as it relates to early detection, treatment, reversal, and prevention. Conference participants include over 3500 medical professionals who deal with these healthcare issues in their private practice.

AION Laboratories, a division of PAML, LLC—one of the top reference laboratories in the country— aims to assist physicians practicing personalized medicine by delivering evidence-based testing utilizing robust diagnostic technology to detect risk factors and biomarkers associated with aging. Providing science-based results help support physicians focused on enhancing patient health and physical performance well beyond statistical expectations.

Based in Spokane, Washington, AION Laboratories is positioned as a single-source laboratory for its physician partners. The laboratory has established strategic partnerships with highly specialized laboratories for their proprietary testing, in order to complement AION’s test menu. That means only one requisition is needed to obtain a thorough laboratory assessment of each patient.

 “A4M is a great opportunity for AION to share our advanced diagnostic testing services, designed specifically for age-related healthcare,” said Francisco R. Velázquez, M.D., S.M., President and CEO of PAML, LLC and AION Laboratories. “As a single-source laboratory, AION is dedicated to scientific excellence, a premium product line, and proactive client service protocols. We understand that discerning physicians and their well-informed patients have very high expectations, and AION is structured to deliver the rapid, reliable results required, along with competitive pricing, and detailed reporting.”

Test panels include baseline assessments for males and females, expanded lipid, chemistry, comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment, female and male hormone, and inflammation. Through clinical relevance and uniformity of testing, AION aids physicians in their efforts to monitor patients and manage treatment programs over time.  AION also provides nationwide concierge phlebotomy services to healthcare providers that do not have in-house drawing personnel, as well as an online portal delivering enhanced reports.