For consumers who are uninsured, under-insured, or have health insurance with high yearly deductibles, PAML’s direct access laboratory testing service, Cinch, has helped these individuals keep a close eye on their health and save money. Internet-based Cinch makes it possible for consumers to order high quality laboratory tests at much more affordable prices, without the additional expense of a doctor’s visit.

“We are very excited about the launch of CinchBod™ and expanding our CinchView™ functionality focusing on making it ‘easier’ than ever before to reveal your health,” states Shawn Whitcomb, PAML’s chief information officer.  “PAML continues to lead the industry in new innovative ways for consumers to monitor their health using Cinch.”  

Cinch has added several new functionalities to the CinchView™ program on their website, making the process of ordering lab tests much easier for consumers. CinchView enables the consumer to experience their lab results using interactive tile-based technology.

CinchView™ Suggestion Tiles

For consumers who aren’t sure of which laboratory test to order, CinchView will now make one or two suggestions of a common test the consumer has not had performed. In addition, the CinchView program will also point out when test results are out of date.

Interactive Ordering with CinchBod™

CinchBod introduces a visual approach to ordering tests by allowing consumers to visually associate tests to specific areas/organs of their body. CinchBod uses a human silhouette with icons representing the systems of interest. Interactive symbols and category names allow an individual to explore the test catalog in a whole new way. For example, clicking on the heart automatically generates a test list specific for heart health. Toggling back and forth between male and female depictions helps a person to see the most appropriate tests based on gender.

Receive updates via text message

Cinch customers now have the option of receiving text messages directly to their phone whenever there is a status update on their order. While it may seem trivial, this can remove several extra “taps” on their phone in order to read the message. This step towards simplicity is just one example of Cinch’s continued work to streamline the experience.

New wellness panels

Cinch has also increased their test menu in a valuable way; adding new predefined wellness panels that make it easy to find a group of tests for a specific need. New panels include an Anemia Fatigue Panel, Expanded Fatigue Panel, Basic and Extended Celiac Panels, Arthritis Panel, Mineral and Bone Health Panel, Vitamin Panel, Men’s Hormone Health Panel, and Women’s Hormone Health Panel. These new panels represent Cinch’s ongoing efforts to provide straight forward laboratory tests that focus on areas of consumer interest.

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