SPOKANE, Washington (September 25, 2016) — Stephen “Sky” Soom, Associate Vice President, Performance & Innovation at Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, LLC (PAML) was invited to speak at the Next Generation Dx Summit, focusing on hospital laboratory design and renovation in Washington D.C. on August 23, 2016.

Soom, who is no stranger to public speaking, led a breakout session focusing on LEAN design for laboratories. His discussion centered on a real-time, test-cost application that was conceptualized, developed, coded, trademarked, and patented by PAML. Soom examined the importance of test costs, measuring those costs against reimbursement, and profitability tracking. Following his session, Soom served as a panelist in an open forum Q & A session for attendees.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute described Soom’s session by saying, “In today’s era of rapidly changing reimbursement models, test methods and payer shifts, laboratories need a way to monitor these changes in near real time to respond accordingly. PAML has developed software capabilities and a supporting Business Intelligence platform to meet the dynamics of today’s challenges of remaining on the proactive side of the cost of testing.”


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