SPOKANE, Washington (October 7, 2016) —Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, LLC (PAML) President and CEO, Dr. Francisco Velázquez, spoke Thursday at Roche Diagnostic’s SmartLab forum in San Antonio, TX. With guests from the Mayo Clinic, the University of Texas Medical Branch, and others, Dr. Velázquez led a workshop session titled “Concierge Care: The Health Model of the Future.” In his session, Dr. Velázquez reviewed healthcare trends seen in recent years and presented on the concept of Concierge Medicine.

Concierge Medicine is becoming the latest trend in the private-practice spectrum, eliciting articles from Bloomberg, Kiplinger, Forbes, and the like. Also known as direct-care, physicians practicing concierge medicine provide full access to their services for an out-of-pocket retainer fee. It is much like a gym membership, though with your doctor. Today, there are approximately 6,000 practices in the United States using this methodology. In the traditional primary-care model, a single physician could have upwards of 3,000 patients, whereas the concierge model reduces that number to around 400, allowing for more individualized care. Concierge care also offers ample opportunity for growth in laboratories and substantial benefits to both the patient and physician.

Recognizing the significance of these opportunities and the importance of improving healthcare systems, Dr. Velázquez aimed to educate the field on the benefits of concierge medicine and its impact on healthcare. With easier access, decreased physician costs, a more robust offering of services to patients, and more individualized care, concierge medicine may be the health model of the future.


About Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, LLC

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