PAML, a leading healthcare solutions provider and one of the nation’s premier reference laboratories, recently introduced CinchView, giving consumers a new way to visualize their Cinch™ lab results online at

Cinch, a direct-access laboratory testing product, continues to evolve, providing easy-to-use tools for consumers to reveal their health. CinchView, the latest enhancement, enables the consumer to experience their lab results using interactive tile-based technology.

How Does It Work?

Instead of viewing separate reports for each test in a customer’s history, CinchView brings everything together in one unified, interactive view. All tests are broken down to the analyte level, meaning the components that make up each test or panel. Each analyte is represented as a small tile and is color-coded depending on whether results are within or outside of the optimal range.

At the high level view, you are presented with a grid of tiles and can easily spot out-of-range results as represented by the color. If you have had tests performed over a span of time, CinchView also allows you to filter your view to a specified time frame, and in the future will allow for easily trending your results.

To get a deeper look, utilize the interactive nature of each tile by simply clicking on it. The tile will expand, showing the test or panel it belongs to, the optimal range, and the date associated with the result. Expand many tiles at once, or simply one at a time. When you’re done looking at an analyte, click the tile again and it will snap back to the original size. “CinchView allows the consumer to decode their lab results at a quick glance as well as interact with their results through the use of live tile technology,” states Shawn Whitcomb, PAML’s Chief Information Officer. “CinchView embarks on the next generation in lab result reporting, merging science and technology to reveal your health.” To learn more about Cinch and the testing provided, including at-home testing options, visit