Do I need any special equipment to utilize your online education offerings?

In most cases, you will need a standard computer/device with Internet access and audio speakers.
For live webinars, you'll need a telephone to hear the sound.

How much do webinars cost?

PAML webinars, presented by experts within our enterprise network, are offered free of charge.

How do I register for an upcoming webinar?

Click the "register" button next to the upcoming title and complete the information fields.

What if the webinar presentation time is not convenient for me?

PAML Webinar recordings are archived for later viewing.

How do I get P.A.C.E.® credit for viewing a webinar?

P.A.C.E.® credit is available for up to six months following the presentation date.
After viewing the live or archived webinar, click the evaluation link, complete the form and use the Send button to send it by email. A certificate will be emailed back to you in about a week.

How much does it cost to view the On-Demand Learning?

The lectures, presented by experts within our enterprise network, are offered free of charge

How do I log in for On Demand Learning?

Contact PAML Education for the login information.

I don't have adequate computer access to view webinars and online recordings. Are there any other options for obtaining educational programming?

PAML Education Services also houses a library of books, CDs and DVDs that can be sent to your location for up to two weeks. Use the Education Library tool to browse and request materials, or contact Education for assistance.

How much does the library service cost?

While there are no rental charges for using these programs, a small fee of $15 per order helps to cover our costs for delivering library materials to your location.

What payment methods are accepted for library fees?

As a PAML client, the handling fee for delivering a library order can be billed to your facility. If you prefer to pay individually, please enclose a $15 check (payable to PAML) when you return the borrowed materials.

How many library programs can I have at one time?

Each order may contain up to three programs borrowed at a time.

Do I need any special equipment to use your library programs?

Our library offers various formats such as books, audio CDs and DVDs. You would need to provide the type of player corresponding to the format of the program(s) you borrow. The program ID identifies the title’s format:

  • BK - Book
  • ACD - Audio CD (plays in CD player or computer)
  • CDR - CD-ROM (plays in computer)
  • DVD - Video Disc (plays in DVD player or computer with DVD player software)

What if I need to keep the library programs beyond the two-week checkout period?

Extensions may be granted if others are not waiting for the same programs you have borrowed. Contact Education to request an extension.

How do I return borrowed library programs?

The easiest way is to use the same packaging and method by which the programs were delivered to you. If a PAML courier brought them to you, mark the package for return to PAML Education and give it to our courier. If the materials were mailed to you, use the enclosed postage-paid label to return by mail.

How many continuing education hours can I earn from your programs?

The amount of CE credit will vary for each offering. Webinars and On Demand recordings are typically one hour, while library programs can range from a quarter-hour to many hours (program description shows amount of CE). The amount is calculated from "contact hours," which is the actual length of time for the instruction, rounded to the nearest quarter-hour. 

What if I have additional questions, need troubleshooting help, or have a suggestion?

Please contact our Education staff for assistance.