PAML webinars are offered at least quarterly on relevant laboratory-related and managerial topics. Presenters are knowledgeable and experienced leaders in the subject matter being presented.

Features include:

  • Offered to participants free of charge
  • Full one hour presentations
  • Conveniently viewed from your desktop
  • P.A.C.E.® credit available up to 6 months after webinar event


Archived Webinars

October 2016

Presenters: Dr. James Jett and Laura Peek, Ph.D. 

Advancements in the Early Detection of Lung Cancer

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June 2016

Presenter: Jennifer Griffith, MPH 

Features of BreathTek® UBT for H. Pylori Testing

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March 2016

Presenter: Rebecca Rosenberger, MMSc, PA-C 

Food Allergies and Component Resolved Diagnostics

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September 2015

Presenters: Wendy Thanassi, MA, MD  and  Kevin Winthrop, MD, MPH

TB Infection Screening with New Tools: IGRA Use and Results Interpretation


December 2014

Presenter: Carmen L Wiley, PhD

Making Difficult Conversations Easier

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September 2014

Presenter: Gregory D. Clark, PhD

Surviving the Healthcare Reform Storm

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February 2014

Presenter: Marc Penn, PhD

Inflammation Testing - Heart Disease

The recording begins on the top of Page 3 of the handout, on slide 7.

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September 2013

Presenter: Patty Ehrhardt

Take Time to Manage Your Time

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May 2013

Presenter: Patty Ehrhardt

Effective Work Habits

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If you are interested in listening to a webinar we have done in the past that is not listed above, please contact to request access to the recording.