Technical Directors:

Reza Saleki

David Corwin

J. Britt Ravnan

PAML’s Genetics program offers a large spectrum of testing from traditional cytogenetics to molecular genetics. Methodologies employed include karyotyping, microarrays, FISH, PCR and next generation sequencing. Testing supports the prenatal, postnatal, oncology, and pharmacogenomics screening to meet the diagnostic needs of our clients.

Genetic Consultative Services

Mindy Dabell

Genetic testing is complex, has implications beyond the immediate patient, and can be expensive. In order to facilitate and streamline test selection we offer genetic counseling services to health care providers. Board certified genetic counselors are available to help health care providers in the selection of genetic testing, the interpretation of results, and the selection of follow-up testing. In addition to genetic counselor services, PAML’s clinical director staff is available for consultative services.

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