Long-Term Care & Assisted Living

Long-Term Care Services is committed to enhancing patient care in Long-Term Care and Assisted Living facilities. Our integrated ordering system is designed to track and schedule routine “Standing Order” laboratory requests, helping your facility meet ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Our success is due to our ability to fulfill the needs of our many clients by adhering to the strict principle of providing exceptional service. Not only do our full-service, 24-hour clinical laboratories utilize state-of-the-art instrumentation and assay protocols... our experienced staff of professionals are passionate about their jobs and committed to providing superior-quality services for you and your patients.

Client Services

Our Client Services staff is always available 24/7 to answer your questions and address concerns promptly and courteously. All client-related issues are continually monitored by our Client Services staff and given immediate response to your needs.


We can often provide an on-site phlebotomist to serve your patients’ needs. Our state-certified phlebotomists perform routine specimen collections weekdays (on morning rounds) and are available
for STAT services.


Our Courier Services personnel are thoroughly trained in the handling and transport of medical specimens. We also furnish all necessary supplies for collection, and requisition forms. STAT pickups are available for medical emergencies.


Our dedicated billing staff works to ensure that you and your patients are billed promptly and accurately. Our Billing staff can provide your staff with onsite education and tools for the most up-to-date ICD coding and Medicare information. We provide easy-to-use ICD code sheets based on the most common codes and common tests ordered by long-term care facilities.


Our laboratory scientists are available for a full range of consultative services.

Standing Orders

Our unique, specialized database for long-term care clients allows our professionally trained staff to monitor all your residents’ laboratory standing orders. Based on information faxed to us by your nursing staff, we set up all recurring orders and return to your staff weekly draw lists for verification of whether standing orders should continue or may need to be renewed. After an order is set up, we provide completed requisitions for the draws, eliminating the need for your nursing staff to fill out paper requisitions.

Results Reporting

Test results are transmitted to your facility via a dedicated result printer or automated fax throughout the day. Secure, web-based reporting also available, which allows your staff access to test results at any time. All test reports include normal range values.

Epidemiology Reports

We issue monthly reports detailing positive growths—an aid in helping to determine where contaminations may have occurred—and in reporting such infections to authorities.

Critical Values

Critical values are communicated immediately upon test completion.