Start by Selecting the appropriate bad for Specimen Transport:



  1. Specimen Preparation
    • Place a label from the requisition on each sample.
    • Include the 2-Patient Identifier such as name and/or birth date, along with the Peel and Stick Label from the requisition.
  2. Bag Preparation
    • Include only one patient sample per bag.
    • Use a cardboard tube holder for 4 or more tubes.
    • Place specimen(s) in sealed portion of bag.
    • If multiple temperature bags are used for the same patient, place a requisition label on the outside of the other temperature-specific bags.
    • Complete the information on front of baggies, including date, patient name and account number.
  3. Requisition Preparation
    • Place horizontally-folded requisition in outside pouch of bag.
    • Account information and barcode should be facing out.
    • If a patient has more than one specimen requiring multiple temperature bags, place the requisition in only one of the bags.


For complete visual instructions, please click the link below to view PDF.

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