Rapid examination of the specimen by the laboratory is a critical factor.

Please take the sample directly to the Sacred Heart Doctors' Building, 5th Floor Laboratory.

  1. The specimen should be collected in a clean glass jar, which is available at our Patient Service Center.
  2. The specimen should be collected following a three-day period without ejaculation (sexual intercourse or masturbation).
  3. Specimen may be collected by masturbation or ‘coitus interruptus’ (withdrawal before ejaculation) and immediately placed into the container.
  4. Please tell the laboratory personnel the exact time of specimen collection (see instructions and form below).
  5. A condom may be used if it contains no spermicide or any substance that would be harmful to sperm (check the label or ask the pharmacist). Place the condom directly into the glass container.
  6. It is essential that the specimen not be subjected to temperature extremes during delivery to the laboratory.
  7. Placing the specimen in a shirt pocket under a coat will maintain it close to body temperature.
  8. The specimen should be at the testing laboratory within one hour of collection or the results may be compromised.
  9. For post-vasectomy analysis, the specimen may be collected in a sterile plastic specimen container.

For complete instructions, please view the PDF below.

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