Courier Services

Courier service is available to clients for transporting specimens from many locations throughout our service areas. Our broad-based distribution network provides transportation support nationwide. This includes same-day delivery to testing facilities in certain geographic areas and most often overnight delivery under controlled conditions.

We use a combination of PAML vehicles and employees as well as contract couriers to facilitate specimen transportation needs in metro areas. We also have an extensive contract courier network to cover rural and remote areas across the country.

  • Special courier services can be established if deemed necessary and appropriate arrangements are made.
  • Pickup frequency is determined by referral volume, distance from testing sites and turnaround time requirements.
  • PAML offers flexible times for specimen pickup from your office.
    If necessary, we can arrange multiple daily pickup times or after-hours pickups with specimen lock-boxes.

Please call Client Services to schedule STAT specimens that are ready for pickup or when you have specimens available and your facility is not scheduled for regular stops.

Staff Training

All couriers undergo accredited training to handle samples properly, trained in Hazardous Materials Awareness through a DOT accredited class and are instructed on defensive driving techniques.

Route Management

We utilize state-of-the-art information systems to schedule and track courier pickup and deliveries.
We plan specific pickup requirements and use those parameters to create the most efficient routes possible. Our goal is to reduce miles and distance traveled as to impose a smaller economic impact on our roadways and fossil fuel dependence while doing our best to service the needs of the medical community.

STAT pickups are also available for your more urgent testing needs in select geographic regions. Daily traffic volume and other extraneous factors do hamper those goals, but our average turnaround time is very fast.


A dynamic dispatch system has been developed specifically for Laboratory Courier Operations and is a subset of Joint Venture Advantage Mobile™. JVA Dispatch displays the most current location of couriers in the field and allows dispatchers to assign new stops such as STAT pickups to couriers in a simple drag and drop procedure. The new stop is wirelessly assigned to the courier. The stop is placed on the courier's mobile device with confirmation back to the dispatcher that the new stop was received and it’s most current status.

Specimen Tracking

We have developed an industry-leading Laboratory Courier Specimen Tracking system called Joint Venture Advantage Mobile™.

Our couriers track bar-coded specimen information using real time wireless communications. Couriers track not only unique specimen information but also specimen type and temperature locations specimens are picked up from. We track the time couriers arrive and leave the office, what was picked up and dropped off and when specimens arrive at the laboratory.

Preparing Specimens

Most laboratory clients are provided with a manifest which lists package contents. Outreach clients should prepare all specimens in transport bags with an associated bar-coded requisition and or bar-coded manifest.

  • All specimens should be packaged prior to courier pickup according to DOT requirements.
  • If specimens are transported via air they must also meet IATA guidelines.
  • All specimens must be accompanied by a manifest or requisition detailing the amount, type, etc. as required by federal regulations.

If a bar-coded manifest or requisition is not available, we will provide a bar-codes transport bag and our staff will make sure we can track your samples.

Pickups and Deliveries

Scheduled Courier Pickups and Deliveries

At the onset of service with us, a client will be scheduled to a courier route. A client is scheduled to a courier route, the courier will routinely pickup specimens and deliver supplies.

  • Clients may have a courier scheduled every day or only on selected days.
  • Clients may also need to have more than one pickup or delivery per day if scheduling and testing volume permits.
Unscheduled Specimen Pickups

On-call pickups, STAT pickups, and pickups outside the regularly scheduled courier stop are considered unscheduled pickups.

Clients should notify Client Services at 1-800-541-7891 or 509-755-8600 (option 2) of an unscheduled pickup as soon as possible to avoid any delays that might result in a pickup not being made same day. We strive to accommodate clients by scheduling pickup times as late in the day as possible and still allow time for the specimens to arrive at the laboratory for overnight testing and early-morning resulting to the client.

Shipping Containers

Clients are provided several packaging configurations to custom assemble packages that fit customers' needs providing flexible and cost-effective packaging solutions. All packaging provided to clients have met our stringent evaluations and meet DOT and IATA requirements.

  • A wide variety of inserts to cushion and protect the primary containers used in labs are available.
  • Outer packages can be assembled for ambient, cold, or frozen shipments.
  • Packages will accommodate infectious substances and exempt human specimens, (separate).

Please note that your test referral department is considered the 'shipper' when packaging clinical specimens are sent to outside reference laboratories, and this department's staff must understand and follow the established regulations set forth by the above mentioned regulatory agencies.

  • Specimens not properly packaged are likely to be delayed and/or returned to your office by the overnight or commercial air carrier.
  • PAML will not be held responsible for any liability attributable to the shipper's improper actions for failure to comply with shipping regulations.

Please refer to the DOT and IATA regulations for packaging and labeling instructions, as well as the PAML shipping guide. A packing and shipping guide is provided to assist you but in no way is intended to replace or supplement the DOT and or IATA regulations.
Any person packaging shipments for transportation must be certified to do so from an accredited agency.

If you have any Logistic questions, you need to contact Client Services at the numbers above.

Shipping Guide